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Lost Focus

14 Must Haves for a Fidget Kit

Create a Fidget Kit for a child/adult with ADHD, ADD, Autism, OCD, or Anxiety

silly putty

1. Silly Putty

fidget spinner

2. Fidget Spinner

fidget cube

3. Fidget Cube

binder clip

4. Binder Clip

Flippy chain fidget

5. Flippy Bike Chain

Bike Chain Roller Fidget

6. Roller Bike Chain

mesh squishy ball

7. Mesh Squishy Ball

soybean fidget keychain

8. Soybean Keychain

Tangle jr

9. Tangle Jr.

Mesh and Marble fidget

10. Marble and Mesh Fidgets

magic rainbow puzzle ball

11. Magic Rainbow Ball

slow rise squishies

12. Slow Rise Squishies

cube snake puzzle

13. Sensory Snake Cube Puzzle

spiky ring

14. Spiky Sensory Finger Ring


Now, Go. See. Do.



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  1. Oh, binder clips. I have broken so many of the brethren in my undiagnosed childhood. I once made a person-shaped sculpture, too…

    • meemish

      As an undiagnosed child and a diagnosed adult, they are my favorite as well.

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